Indian Dusk

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Flute : Sandeep Kulkarni

Guitar : Tushar Parte

Tabla : Sanjeev Sen

Saxophone : Tim Odwyer

Swarleen : Kunwar Rajendra Singh Sodha

Sitar : Sunil Das

Vocal Support : Shubha Joshi , Dominique Cerejo

Credits: Copyright :

Copyright & Publishing 2007 : Sanjay Wandrekar

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Indian Dusk is an album that brings together elements of Indian art music and Western instrumentation. It represents the eclectic approach of composer Sanjay Wandrekar. He has sought to embellish acoustic instruments with electronic music and vice versa.

Audio Track listing:

In Earnest 7
The Pining . . . Nahi Aye Shyam 10
A bridge so near 5
Euphony 9
Eloquent Conversation 9
Life a journey 8


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