Srujan Dwitiya: A vibrant garland of bandishes by Chaitanya Kunte

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Genre:Hindustani Classical


Price:120 INR /6 USD


Vocal : Pushkar Lele 

Tabla : Bharat Kamat

Credits: Copyright :

Copyright & Publishing : Rainbow Music Company

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As a sequel to first Srujan album, composer and harmonium player Chaitanya Kunte brings to the listeners some more of his compositions. These have been rendered by vocalist Pushkar Lele.

This album includes khayal, chatarang, tappa and tarana compositions.

Audio Track listing:

Raag Kalyan 27
Raag Kedar 7
Raag Suhana Kanada 13
Raag Khamaj followed by Raag Des 11
Raag Madhukouns 16


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