Calcutta Express

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Genre:Experimental Music


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7 String East-West Guitar : Guy Strazz

Santoor & Tanpura : Sandip Chatterjee

Tabla & Pakhawaj : Biplab Bhattacharya

Ghatam , Nepali Madol and other percussion : Somnath Roy

Credits: Copyright :

Copyright & Publishing 2006 : Guy Strazz and Sandip Chatterjee

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Calcutta Express is the result of a collaboration that took place in Kolkata in 2004 between its key performers Italian-Australian guitarist/composer Guy Strazz, and Indian santoor player Sandip Chatterjee.  Together they amalgamate aesthetic features from their respective traditions of Jazz, Afro-Brazilian jazz, Bengali folk, and Hindustani art/classical music. Complemented by the valuable contribution of their musical colleagues, they have produced a significant album of  ‘cross-cultural jazz’.

Audio Track listing:

Calcutta Express 5
Veena Deeveena 6
Hansadhwani 5
Bengali Blue 4
Heaven 7 5
Mishra Bhairavi 5
Teena de Healer 4
Bhupali 8
Yoga 10


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