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Genre:Theme music


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Tabla: Aneesh Pradhan

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In the Krishna temples of Northern India, service or sewa of the deity could consist of making offerings of food (bhog), music (raga) and finery (shringar). Devotees take the greatest delight in dressing up the images elaborately for each of the eight watches of the day, as well as for different seasons. <br /> <br /> This selection of verses describing in lyrical detail the finery, color and grandeur of the shringar offered to Krishna and Radha, has been composed and performed by vocalist Shubha Mudgal.

Audio Track listing:

Phool Shringar 11
Sakhi Hariyaro Sawan Aayo 10
Rahi Jhuk Lal Gulabi Paag 7
Pyari Ko Shringar 7
Jhule Hain Rang Hindorna 11
Maiyaa Ab Hindor 11
Aaj Sakhi Radhika 13


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