Man Lago

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Genre:Light Classical


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Shri Milind Kulkami - Harmonium Shri Sandeep Kulkarni - Flute, Shri Prashant Kulkarni -Tabla/Dholak, Shri Sarang Kulkarni - Sarod

Credits: Copyright : Kalpana Zokarkar

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Kabeer and Meera are two of the highest icons of Nirgun (Formless) and Sagun (With form) devotion. Their poetry has touched the hearts of millions. The devotional poetry of Bramhanand is also par excellence and has a mesmeric literary quality. Kalpana Zokarkar has chosen a few Bhajans of these masters and composed soul stirring music which will transport you to a different plane where peace reigns. Whereas the poetry of Kabeer has been moulded in music of Sufi flavour, Meerabai's compositions give you a feel of total surrender to the divine Lord Krishna. The musical composition of Bramhananda's bhajan takes you to the abode of Lord Shiva and you can feel his divlne presence. Enjoy the journey with the fresh and melodious voice of Anuja Zokarkar and the powerful and intense rendition of Kalpana Zokarkar.

Audio Track listing:

Mharo Pranam Baanke Bihari Ji Ko (Meerabai) - Kalpana & Anuja 6:00
Man Laago Mero Yaar Fakiri Me (Kabeerdas) - Anuja 4:41
Mere Saaheb Aaaye Aaj Khelan Phaag Ri (Kabeerdas) - Kalpana 6:21
Ghoongat Ka Pat Khol (Kabeerdas) - Kalpana 6:24
Main Janyo Naa Piya Ko Milan Kaise Hoy Ri (Meerabai) - Anuja 4:41
Jay Mahesh Jataajoot (Bramhanand) - Kalpana 5:51


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