Shringar Volume 1

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Genre:Folk Music


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Tabla : Kishan Maharaj

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In music perhaps no genre is as "Shringar rasa pradhaan" or evocative of this rasa as Thumri. The lyrics centre around a lover and his beloved, or Radha and Krishna episodes. With great delicacy of expression and the aesthetic use of embellishments, Thumri unfolds the essence of the lyric through its delineation in musical notes, rhythmic patterns and play on words.

Included in this selection is Dadra, considered to be part of the Thumri genre. A relatively faster tempo emphasizes the lilt of the rhythm with crisp delineations of the word and melody.

Audio Track listing:

Ankhiyan Rasili Tori Shyam 20
Kaun Albele Kinare Chamacham 9
Ras Ke Bhare Torey Nain 20
Nayan Ki Mat Maro Talwariya 9


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