Shadow and Light / Elements - Collectors Edition

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Set of 2 Audio CDs

Genre:Contemporary Indian Musical


Price:250 INR /20 USD


Credits: Copyright : Anindo Bose & Pavithra Chari

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“Words suspended in melody. That's how it started”... ’Shadow and Light’ was born on a cold November afternoon in New Delhi, from the efforts of two people - Pavithra Chari and Anindo Bose; to unlock the potential within a few notes of music. With over two years of songwriting, the duo released their debut self-titled album in June 2014. The songs on the album are written about personal milestones and obstacles, about the eternal mystery of life and the little everyday things that matter to us most. The styles of music infused in the compositions are Hindustani classical, pop, jazz, and electronic with a contemporary and cinematic vibe. In comparison to their first album, the new album ‘Elements’ is different in direction as well as bolder in expression. The entire arrangement on both albums has been completely sequenced which allows for a certain degree of freedom to play with different sounds, texturesand styles. It is primarily drawn from the duo’s likes and influences. While listening to the music, one would certainly hear hints of Jazz, electronic, lounge, RnB, and cinematic sounds with a very strong base of Hindustani classical. While there are some songs that are purely western with English lyrics, many of the songs on this album feature both English and Hindi verses. All the lyrics are completely original like in the first album. The two albums along with the extended artwork are available as a collector’s edition.

Audio Track listing:

Album 1: Track 1: Shadow & Light 3:27
Track 2: Blue 3:53
Track 3: Rooh-I-Noor 4:36
Track 4: Khwaish 5:37
Track 5: In your eyes 4:40
Track 6: Unkahi 4:41
Track 7: Dream Gone Wrong 4:28
Track 8: Samay 3:26
Track 9: Tadap 4:25
Track 10: Whisper 5:28
Album 2: Track 1: Baras 4:58
Track 2: Saavre 4:10
Track 3: Broken Boundaries 4:24
Track 4: Arzoo 4:00
Track 5: Viraha 4:43
Track 6: Dheemi 4:08
Track 7: Tum 3:43
Track 8: Elements 4:17
Track 9: Dua 4:04
Track 10: Seeker 5:16


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