The King of Dhamaar : A tribute to Pandit Kishan Maharaj

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Genre:Hindustani Classical Instrumental


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 Harmonium : Ajay Joglekar

Tabla recitation : Vineet Vyas

Credits: Copyright :

 Copyright & Publishing 2010 : Vineet Vyas

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This album is a tribute by Vineet Vyas to his guru Kishan Maharaj of the Banaras Gharana. It features the fourteen beat rhmthmic time cycle of Dhamaar, in which Vineet Vyas has attempted to bring forth some of the aspects of the taal, that he has learned from his guru.

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Audio Track listing:

Track 1to 6 - Tabla solo in Taal Dhamaar 50
Track 7 - Uthaan in Dhamaar 3
Track 8 - Damaru - Lord Shiva Cosmic Drum 5


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