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Electric Guitars : Amit Heri

Saxophone : Matt Renzi

Wurlitzer : Pete Rende

Electric Bass : Mathew Garrison

Drums : Marko Djordjevic

Tabla, Pakhawaj, Kanjira : Praveen Rao







Credits: Copyright :

Produced by Amit Heri

Copyright Earth Music, India 1999

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Jazz has been a part of the multi-dimensional Indian musical environment with some listeners showing a marked preference for the traditional jazz idiom, while others are equally eager to hear the more avante garde trends within the form. Indian musicians have also shown an abiding interest in collaborating with jazz musicians from the West, and there are many recordings and concerts that stand testimony to these dialogues.

This album features seven tracks composed in the jazz idiom by guitarist Amit Heri and performed by him along with his friends from the USA and Bangalore. He attributes these compositions to musical inspiration drawn from personal experiences. The pieces use Western and Indian instruments and concepts from both musical systems.

Audio Track listing:

Elephant walk 7
Alaap 7
Aathma 7
Dance of Daya 6
Where ah yah goin 6
What?s that smell 5
Blue 5


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