Banra Banri

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Genre:Folk Music


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 Copyright & Publishing : De Kulture Music Pvt. Ltd. 

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 This album comprises of assorted songs of love, union and separation that are sung during marriages and also for personal pleasure, in Rajasthan by various folk artistes. 

Based on information provided on album cover.

Audio Track listing:

Banna Re Mharo - Bachu Khan & Various Artists 5
Balam ji Mhara - Hakam Khan & Various Artists 8
Amli - Bhanwar Nainawat & Various Artists 5
Neru - Gavri Devi & Various Artists 5
Ambavari - Multan Khan, Luna Khan & Various Artists 5
Banni Thare Doodhliya - Bhanwar Rao & Various Artists 5
Lehariyo - Shanti Devi & Various Artists 3
Kesariya Banna - Raju Dholi, Bhanwar & Various Artists 4


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