Close to Earth: Melodies from Bengal on Sitar

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Genre:Thematic Music


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Flute: Rupak Kulkarni

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Copyright & Publishing 2004: Amit Roy

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This album is an instrumental interpretation of songs from Bengal, which belong to a variety of musical forms of this region. Sitar player, composer and arranger Ganesh Mohan interprets these songs on his sitar and retains the original tunes of the songs, while embellishing them with musical interludes and other accompaniment provided by guitars, flute, vibraphone, tabla, pakhawaj, shrikhol and additional percussion instruments. Ganesh Mohan has sought to provide a wide variety by drawing from Rabindra sangeet, tribal music, baul, Shyama sangeet, kirtan, and more contemporary songs. Ganesh Mohan has been assisted on this album by Amit Roy.

Audio Track listing:

Rabindra sangeet 5
Santhali Song 5
Baul Song 8
Adhunik gaan 6
Shyama sangeet 5
Bangla kirtan 6
Adhunik gaan 5
Bengal ballad 11


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