Raag Madhukouns

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Genre:Hindustani Classical


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Harmonium: Chaitanya Kunte

Tabla : Bharat Kamat

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Copyright & Publishing : Rainbow Music Company

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The final track in a Chatarang and Taraana in Raag Madhukouns. Here, Chaitanya has tried to let his aesthetic sense flow with a degree of craftsmanship. Pushkar begins with a brief Alap, followed by Sargam and finally some brilliant cascading Taans. In this intricately woven Chatarang with four aspects (angas), namely the lyrics revealing the theoretical facet of music, Saragam, Natawari(language used fro Kathak dance) and Tarana, the content is all about fine music making. This is followed by a fast riveting Tarana in Drut Tritaal, typical of the Gwalior Gharanastyle. Pushkar's exposition of both these bandishes is marked with sharp, complex Taans and instantly imagined variations.

Raag Madhukouns 16


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