Raag Suhana Kanada

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Genre:Hindustani Classical


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Harmonium: Chaitanya Kunte

Tabla : Bharat Kamat

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Copyright & Publishing : Rainbow Music Company

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The third Bandish in Raag suhana Kanada, in Triwat theka is another experiment with Raag Roop as well as the theka. Chaitanya has dared to create this new Raag Roop and named it Suhana Kanada. It is a combination of a few varieties of Raag Kanada, such as Nayaki kanada, Shahana, Suha-Sugharaai kanada and Lacchasakha. This Bandish depicts the pathos of a newly married but separated young Proshita-Patika Nayika. Pushkar has sung this raag with exceptional ease, bringing out the homogeneity in Raag-roop and avoiding a patch work treatment.

Raag Suhana Kanada 13


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