Raag Kalyan

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Genre:Hindustani Classical


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Harmonium: Chaitanya Kunte

Tabla : Bharat Kamat

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Copyright & Publishing : Rainbow Music Company

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The first Bandish in Raag Kalyan, 'Sapaat Sur Gaao', explains the basic principle of exploring the raag by using the notes in four modes(varnas) namely Arohi, Awarohi, Sthayi and Sanchari. One interesting fact about this Bandish is the Antara, which is composed by Pushkar. Despite the original Antara, Pushkar felt a creative need to change it to suit his Gayaki. So he added his own Antara, which goes perfectly with the Sthayi. Such cordial musical interaction between musicians has been a part of out great tradition for a really long time.

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