Tappa maaru bihag-mishra panjabee

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Genre:Hindustani Classical Instrumental


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Tabla : Ramdas Palsule

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Copyright & Publishing : Rainbow Music Company

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Harmonium over the last century, has become an indispensable part of music-making in India, and can be seen in performance with almost every kind of musical form. Harmonium solo is therefore a logical step forward in exploring the aesthetic potential of the instrument and in giving voice to the performer, who is otherwise responding to the vocalist\'s musical rendition as an accompanying musician. Dr. Arawind Thatte presents a harmonium solo on this album, drawing upon vocal and instrumental techniques that have been developed in the Indian tradition. He also introduces different layakari patterns in the performances. Thatte has composed all compositions on this album, except for the vilambit Ektaal composition on the third track. He is accompanied on this album by tabla player Ramdas Palsule, who responds with rhythmic improvisations at points to add yet another flavour to the presentation.

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