Rang Hori

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Genre:Thematic Music


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Tabla : Aneesh Pradhan

Pakhawaj : Prakash Shejwal

Harmonium : Sudhir Nayak

Dholak : Shaikh Javed

Additional Percussion : Pratap Rath

Credits: Copyright :

Copyright & Publishing 2004 Shubha Mudgal

Distributed by Underscore Records Pvt. Ltd.

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Poetic texts from the Vaishnav temples of North India have since centuries been a source of inspiration to several musicians. Performed as part of temple ritual or as concert repertoire by keertankars, dhrupad, khayal or thumri singers, these texts have reached devotees and lay listeners alike. Shubha Mudgal presents on this album verses specifically related to the Indian festival Holi or Hori, the festival of colours. Composed by her, she is joined on this album by Sudhir Nayak (harmonium), Prakash Shejwal (pakhawaj), Aneesh Pradhan (tabla), Shaikh Javed (dholak) and Pratap Rath (additional percussion).

Audio Track listing:

Aaj Vasant Madan Rangraliya 8
Hori Khelen Syam 6
Ras Phaag Aaj 12
Aho Khelat Hori Pyaaro 13
Mero Ab Kaise 7
Tum Chalo Sabay Mili 10
Kheli Rahe Rang Hori 6
Nainan Mein Pichkari Dayi 7


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