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Genre:Hindustani Classical


Price:15 INR /1 USD


Harmonium : Sudhir Nayak

Sarangi : Murad Ali

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This track starts with a short piece using bols of a mohra. (1.00) The peshkar (1.48) is inspired by the popular teentaal theme. A characteristic feature of Ektaal solos is that some teentaal repertoire that is normally played in a triplet metre, fits into the Ektaal framework mathematically while not losing the beauty of its language. In fact, it brings to the composition another interpretation. The qaida that follows (03.58) belongs to this category of compositions. The next qaida (09.30), which Aneesh learnt as a part of the Ajrada gharana repertoire, also falls into this category. The rela (12.25) and tukda (14.52) he has presented are a part of the many compositions created by Amir Hussein Khan.

Ektaal 15


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