Romancing the Rain

Audio CD

Genre:Hindustani Classical Instrumental


Price:250 INR / 15 USD


Tabla: Aneesh Pradhan


Copyright & Publishing 2003 Purbayan Chatterjee

Distributed by Underscore Records Pvt. Ltd.

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Seasonal raags are an important feature of the North Indian art musical tradition. One of the prominent adherents of the Nikhil Bannerjee style of sitar playing Purbayan Chatterjee captures the moods of two monsoon raags Mia ki Malhar and Surdasi Malhar on this album.

He is accompanied on tabla by Aneesh Pradhan.

Audio Track listing:

Raag Mia ki Malhar 24:55
Raag Surdasi Malhar 14:07
Raag Surdasi Malhar. 27:02