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Genre:Experimental Music


Price:200 INR /10 USD


Vocal : Shubha Mudgal

Harmonium : Sudhir Nayak

Keyboard : Sameer Chiplunkar 

Bass guitar : Manish Kulkarni 

Drums : Benoni Soans

Pakhawaj : Prakash Shejwal

Tabla : Aneesh Pradhan

Tabla tarang, keyboard, drums, bongo, wood block, bass guitar, Cajun-box, cabasa/kabas, castanet, shaker, matka tarang, duggi tarang, khanjira, angklung (bamboo tarang), dimdi, duff tarang, pakhawaj, taal, cymbals, manjira, chakva, cchiplya, tabla, chanda, tun tuna, China cymbal, dhangari dhol, sleigh-bell/tree, bell-tree, kalimba, drums, Nepali damaru, clackers, cymbals, ghungroo, wood block, chimes, wind chimes, door effect, rainstick, djembe, darbuka, zither (swarmandal), didgeridoo, bamboo-stick, tambourine, swarmandal, gopichang, bagal baccha, maadim (Assamese madal), Nepali madal, China bell, wood block : Pratap Rath 

Lyrics : Aalok Shrivastav

Credits: Copyright :

Copyright and Publishing 2009: Aneesh Pradhan and Tanay Gajjar

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Tarana-e-Percussion is a collaborative recording project focusing on compositions written exclusively for percussion instruments. The collaborators in this project are:
Aneesh Pradhan: an accomplished tabla player and composer, who has composed all the tracks on this album,
Pratap Rath: an experienced and popular percussionist who has worked extensively as a sessions musician in the Indian film industry,
Tanay Gajjar: one of India’s most acclaimed audio engineers, known for his ear for music as well.
The three collaborators offer Tarana-e-Percussion to music lovers as a tribute to the limitless scope of percussion instruments, the power of rhythm and the constant need of performers, composers and audio experts to explore and innovate.


Audio Track listing:

Tarang 1 5
Tarang 2 5
About Time 8
Aasmano Mein 5
Pulse Friction 3
Bhairavi 6


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