Abhinav Geetanjali Vol 3

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Genre:Hindustani Classical


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Published by: Sangeet Sadan Prakashan


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Abhinav Geetanjali provides invaluable reference material for students of North Indian music with its detailed analysis of different raags by one of India's greatest living scholar-musician-composers Ram Ashreya Jha "Ramrang", considered the modern day Bhatkhande by many. Ramrang's exquisite compositions in different raags are also included in his books. Volume 3 of this treatise contains information on the following raags: Narayani, Gorakh Kalyan, Khambavati, Janasammohini, Kalavati, Jog, Nand, Jait Kalyan, Shukla Bilaval, Kukubh Bilaval, Sarparda Bilaval, Nat Bilaval, Hamir Bilaval, Hemant, Durga (Bilaval Thaat), Pratap Barali, Bihagda, Nat Bihag, Pat Bihag, Chandni Bihag, MIyan ka Sarang, Madhmad Sarang, Lankadahan Sarang, Samant Sarang, Badhans Sarang, Jaitashri, Saraswati Sarang, Patmanjari (4 varieties) and Basant Mukhari.

Edition : 2011


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