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Genre:Hindustani Classical


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Language: Hindi (Foreword in Marathi)


One of the most prolific composers of the second half of the twentieth century, Jagannathbuwa Purohit, more popularly known by his pseudonym ‘Gunidas’ was equally known for his numerous disciples to whom he passed on his legacy. His compositions and raags are performed by his disciples and other musicians.

Swanandini is a compilation of about 60 notated khayal compositions in different raags by Jagannathbuwa Purohit 'Gunidas'. This slim paperback is accompanied by a CD containing short renditions of the compositions by vocalists Jayant Kejkar and Leena Vani.

Compiled by Leela Karambelkar, this collection contains Gunidas compositions in Raag Bhairav, Ahir Bhairav, Shivmat Bhairav, Saurashtra Bhairav, Jaun Bhairav, Bhairav Bhatiyar, Lalit, Gujri Todi, Bhupal Todi, Komal Rishabh Asavari, Alhaiyaa Bilaval, Vrindavani Sarang, Shuddha Sarang, Multani, Madhuvanti, Marwa, Gauri, Poorva, Poorva Kalyan, Shuddha Kalyan, Savani, Deepak Kedar, Maru Bihag, Bihagda, Kalavati, Saraswati, Swanandi, Jog, Bageshri, Chandrakauns, Jogkauns, Madhukauns, Harikauns, Kaunsi Kanhada, Nayaki Kanhada, Shahana and Sohni.


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