En Route

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Genre:Choral Music


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Copyright 2007 Artistes Unlimited Charitable Trust

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Drawing from the musical experience of 46 musicians, this album showcases 12 original AU compositions, exploring a vast soundscape of Jazz, Rock, Folk, Indian Classical, Pop, R&B, Hip – Hop, Blues, and Indian Contemporary music, with AU's signature emphasis on vocal arrangements.

The AU 'En Route' tour celebrates AU's journey so far, bringing forth the AU focus on using its music for a purpose. Ever since their first concert series, "60 In A-Maze", which was in aid of cancer patients, the AU have supported varied causes in step with the times.

Artistes Unlimited is now charting out the beginning of a long term collective action with the En Route Album and launch Tour.

A portion of proceeds from AU Album sales is being donated towards support for HIV+ patients.

Audio Track listing:

Phir Chalen 4
Ashwamedh 6
Blank Paper 3
Tillana 3
Weekend Blues 4
Fragile 4
Crude Addiction 5
Waiting 6
Des 5
Kanha Re 3
Anthem 8
Fly 7


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