Pt. Durgalal: Nirvana Through Dance

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Genre:Indian classical dance: Kathak


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A film by Indrayanee Mukherjee and Uma Dogra


A renowned exponent of the Jaipur gharana of Kathak, dancer Durgalal was also an accomplished pakhawaj player. His sudden and untimely death has deprived students of Indian dance of the opportunity to watch the maestro in person. His admirers remember him as a performer with great charisma and charm, as is evident in this film in video CD format, made by danseuse Indrayanee Mukherjee and her guru Uma Dogra, a senior disciple of the maestro. The film enables students of Indian dance to watch segments of Durgalal's live performances. Using old photographs, interviews with family members of Durgalal, comments and observations on his art and personality by eminent dancer Birju Maharaj, dance critic Leela Venkatraman, and dancers Madhavi Mudgal and Uma Dogra, the film pays tribute to an inspiring artiste from the world of Indian classical dance.

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